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Benefits & Uses of Geothermal Heating

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f you’re looking to cool your home in the summer, for example, one of the uses of geothermal energy technologies is to allow you in hot times to take heat from your house, send it down pipes into the ground (where it naturally cools), and return it to your house (where it helps bring down the temperature inside). The technology typically uses a liquid like antifreeze as a carrier of that heat, which is moved about in a closed-loop piping system.

One of the other main uses of geothermal energy is the same concept but in reverse in cold months. Geothermal energy technology is used to bring warmer temperatures into your home without using fossil fuels, just by tapping into a heat exchange deep below the surface of the earth. Cool, right? But geothermal energy is so much more.
Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) can make use of the stable temperatures in the upper 10 feet of the Earth to provide both heating and cooling to buildings. The surrounding soil, groundwater, or nearby surface water is used as a heat source in winter and a heat sink in summer.

GHP systems consist of three parts: the ground heat exchanger, the heat pump unit, and the air delivery system (piping and ductwork). In winter, when the ground is warmer than the air, the geothermal heat pump removes heat from the ground heat exchanger and pumps it into the indoor air delivery system. In summer, when the ground is cooler than the air, the process is reversed and the geothermal heat pump moves heat from the indoor air stream into the ground heat exchanger.

Geothermal heat pumps reduce both heating and cooling costs compared to air source heat pumps and air conditioners in both residential and commercial buildings. They have low operating and maintenance costs and, usually, the lowest life-cycle costs of the available heating and cooling options. Consumption of electricity is reduced 25% - 50% compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, allowing a payback of system installation costs in 0 - 10 years.

Called by a variety of names—earth-source heat pumps, GeoExchange systems, ground-coupled heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, and water-source heat pumps—GHPs are known for their low environmental impact, quiet operation, and energy efficiency.
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